Program History

The Beginnings of Track & Field at Bryn Mawr

“Athletics” (the international term for Track & Field) at Bryn Mawr has a long history.  The first Athletics competition was held in April 1892 and competitions between the classes were held once of twice each year until 1927.

Board Meeting minutes from the Athletic Association make reference to track maintenance activities like filling the saw dust pits (most likely used for the standing high jump which was performed in the scissor style).

Track meets included events such as the 100 yard dash, relay of 100 yards, relay of 75 yards, running and standing high jump, running and standing long jump, and the baseball throw.  In 1923, Track & Field moved up classification to a “minor sport” at Bryn Mawr.

The Athletic Association minutes lists the following individuals as track athletics of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Class of 1926
Winifred Dodd ’26
Fredrika Chase ’26
Elizabeth Cushman ’26
Frances Jay ’26
Angela Johnston ’26
Germaine Leewitz ’26
Sarah McAdoo ’26
Edith Nichols ’26
Helen Rodgers ’26

Class of 1927
Evalyn Brodie ’27
M Darcy Kellogg ’27
Ellenor Morris ’27
Agnes Newhall ’27
Elinor Parker ’27
Harriet Parker ’27
Janet Seeley ’27
Helen Stokes ’27
Elizabeth Winchester ’27

Class of 1928
Elinor Amram ’28
Marguerite Barrett ’28
Alice Bruere ’28
Ruth Creighton, ’28
Helen Guiterman (Captain) ’28
Eleanor Jones ’28
Helen McKelvey, ’28
Josephine Stetson ’28

Class of 1932
Alice Yarnelle, ’32

Cross Country Varsity Sport

On October 12, 1979, an ad was placed in the Bryn Mawr-Haverford College News recruiting Bryn Mawr runners for a new Women’s Running Club.  Margaret Nee ’80 and Mary Ward ’80 organized the meeting in the Erdman living room.  Prior to 1979, a small group of women were running in local road races.

In 1982-1986, Bryn Mawr Women and Haverford Women ran together on a Bi-College Women’s Cross Country Club under the direction of Coach Dixie Dunbar (1982-1983), Coach Beverly Reiley (1985), and Coach Jim Caldwell (1986).

Cross Country gained varsity status in 1987.  The coach, Bob Ousey, led the team for the 1987 and 1988 seasons.  In 1989, Coach Cassy Bradley, Villanova alum and ECAC Champion (400H), led the Owls in Cross Country after leading the first season of the Indoor Track Club in the winter 1989.


Track  & Field as Varsity Sport

When the inter-class competitions in Athletics ended in 1927, it was fifty-four years until Track & Field would be present again on the Bryn Mawr campus.  In 1981, a Track & Field club was formed. It took another 18 year for Track & Field to be declared a varsity sport for the spring, 1999 season.  In 2001, Indoor Track was added to the list of varsity sports.